Olaf Games

Free Olaf games from Frozen Olaf – is the cutest little snowman. He was sculpted and animated by Queen Elsa from the new Disney`s cartoon – Frozen.

Olaf – is the coolest snowman with big and warm heart. Together with Princess Anne, ice harvester Kristoff and deer Sven he saved Kindom of Arendelle from eternal winter.

Olaf games have a variety of subjects. For instance, in some kind of games girls need to help Olaf to prepare a delicious dessert, using a set of products (ingredients) and ensure to a recipe.

In the other games, girls can play the role of a doctor and cure Olaf (by using a thermometer, cough syrup, patch, etc. for that). Girls just need to follow prompts and arrows.

There are a great number of action games with Olaf in which is necessary to carry out some mission:

and score as many points as you can.

These games can be played with one or two players. There are many thinking games with Olaf: puzzles, 3-in-a-row games, etc. And also, there are a lot of sports games with Olaf such as darts, bowling, etc.

Games are controlled by mouse and arrows up, down, right, left.